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FLGHTX specializes in meticulously crafting elegant web3 strategy for celebrity or established brand clients through creation of innovative NFT releases. We ensure our clients are prepared for the next internet revolution, the Metaverse, by being on the cutting edge of technology consistently. 

AW Collection

Our Team's Experience


1st Digital Signature Sneaker

Co-Founded by Founders of FLGHTX,  Dr. Murray Friedman and Ben Weiss, NXTG3NZ is Lil Durk's 1st signature sneaker line that is being created for the Metaverse, to be worn by fans digitally, and to be worn physically in reality. Featured on Forbes, Full Send by Nelk (Lil Durk and Ben Weiss were interviewed) , HipHopDX, and The Source...


TGM, Fractionalization of a 3000 year old Mycenaean artifact through NFT.

Team members were tasked with co-developing the offering and marketing the only private artifact of its kind (4 in the world) for fractionalized ownership, currently valued at over $20,000,000. The team is focusing on selling the three tiers of ownership offerings with their respective networking and exquisite art viewership benefits. The collaboration is with Sir Bence Ivancsics, Filippo Radicia, Pavan Bahal, and the artifact owner Jean-Francois. 

Screen Shot 2022-09-18 at 7.57.27 PM.png
Screen Shot 2022-06-29 at 11.19.27 AM.png

1st Crypto Comic Book Series  Collaborated with Casey Bolen to create a comic book series that each hand drawn character of 2022 NBA Champion, Gary Payton 2nd, and multi platinum artist Tyla Yaweh was digitally authenticated on the blockchain. Successful sellout of close to $1 million USD.


Nikki's Ports of Call

Nikki Haskell is currently known as the Grandma Moses of NFT. She is one of the first female stock brokers in U.S. History and pioneered modern day talk shows interviewing guests such as Donald Trump, Joan Collins, and Robert De Niro. We identified that Nikki was an astute artist and coupled traditional physical art and digital NFT art together. We crafted a concierge service to facilitate purchase of NFT to clientele in a never before targeted to NFT demographic, Baby Boomers. 

2pink bg pink.HEIC

Nicki Minaj, Innovative Digital Fashion Line

Team members were tasked by to produce a wearable fashion prototype for Nicki Minaj. Unorthodox Studio, Casey Bolen, and Ben Weiss spearheaded design. Unorthodox Studio is well known for creating famous artist Juice World's last album cover artwork, released prior to passing away. A prototype encompassing Nicki Minaj's barbie style and the Metaverse futuristic outlook is on the left.

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